Emigrate and live in Pattaya and Thailand

How do I put on the best? Can I work in Thailand? I get right to stay in Thailand? How do I create my life in Pattaya? Are there ways for me to make money? How is the medical treatment?

These are just some of the hundreds of questions that have to face anyone who wants to leave his home country. With this website I want to give everyone a basic assistance to emigrate to Thailand.

Detailed information on this website to the areas of immigration and visa for Thailand, labor, cost of living in Thailand as well as the general life and the few opportunities to earn money in Thailand, should be enough for everyone to find the right path.

The topic of long-term holiday to be covered in Thailandsollte with this website. Who wants to spend the winter in Thailand or want to take a longer break will find here all the information needed.

The nice thing about Thailand is that you can lead a relaxed and carefree life here, and with surprisingly little money. Anyone who reads the article livelihood we see with how little money a comfortable life in Thailand can be performed. In another article on this site I have with everyday costs written an entire week at times to give the reader an objective insight.

However, each person has individual needs and desires, and the idea of a great life difiniert also every person anderst. So I would not generalize here only show exemplary processes as I have experienced it. The basis of the price lists and cost statements, everyone can give themselves an overview what and how much he needed to live in Thailand.

I am looking if I can help with my knowledge and experience. I would also like to point out that I do not issue any guarantee or warranty for the accuracy of the information here. Laws and regulations change frequently. I'm trying the information as current as possible. Furthermore, each individual case must always individual's exactly least consider and testing.

Who wants to be informed about updates can gesetztliche the Facebook page of life in Thailand liken (press Like). Changes will be posted there as well as news and tips and tricks in everyday life. By clicking on the Facebook icon to go directly to the Facebook page of life in Thailand. A nice greeting on Wall I am also.