Alternatives to Thailand

What alternatives are there to emigrate? Which countries are intrinsically to emigrate? Is there another country al Thailand where I can live?

Thailand is a great country. However, as already noted, the government makes it difficult for foreigners to stay always there permanently. Not too far from Thailand, there are two alternatives that can be considered.
The nearest is Cambodia. Scenic and culturally it resembles Thailand tremendously. Life is there to deny almost the same cost. In some cases maybe even a little cheaper. The disadvantages in Cambodia that is the infrastructure is not yet developed so far. It is even more dangerous in many places. Cambodia is often referred to as the Wild West of Southeast Asia. However, Cambodia is not really more dangerous and more coming and with normal safety awareness.
The advantages of the Cambodia brings are enormous. Starting with the visa. For about $ 80 one years visa to get. Without conditions for everyone. For about $ 250 gets a foreigner year visa to start a work permit and a license to a company. Even this is all without much effort. What immediately brings us to the next point. In Cambodia it is very easy to get a work permit in theory. Only the low labor costs are probably most of us quenching to work there. However, you will find very quickly a few job offers for Cambodia in Google. However, applicant profiles are usually very pronounced.

Even the foreigners in Cambodia can buy a house in his name without as a Thai in Thailand must be 51% owner. Only the land on which the house stands is still one of the country Cambodia. It can also be leased for 99 years with option to extend.
That sounds not bad at all right? All in all, Cambodia is a real alternative and times should be considered.

The second alternative, which I would like to mention here the Philippines. Here, too, is possible a relaxed life with simple means. Staying here is much simpler than in Thailand and the people and their culture is closer to us a lot. To my mind it is friendly and above all honest included here. The formation and the English of Filipinos is far better. This allows for a better understanding and deeper conversations. Anyone who has spent some time in Thailand will notice that it will lead to serious talks Thais is quite difficult or even tell them something.
This should not be pejorative but the longer spent any time in Thailand will know what I mean. In the long run but can be a bit exhausting or depressing.
In the Philippines, there are numerous islands, the Fantastically are beautiful. Life is partly to make even cheaper than in Thailand, which is also due to the better Peso Exchange.
So the Philippines offer a great alternative to Thailand. Whether Cambodia, Thailand or the Philippines, any this beautiful country offers its own advantages and disadvantages.