Entry requirements for Thailand

What entry requirements apply to other citizens in Thailand? What should I consider when entering Thailand? What entry requirements for Thailand valid for EU citizens?

The detailed information can be studied on the Internet side of the Thai Embassy exactly. I summarize the main facts together.

There are 41 states that are in diplomatic relations with Thailand. These countries include Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as well as almost all European countries and America.
All citizens of these 41 countries can obtain visa on the air 30 days residence permit for Thailand. So we can spend a 3-4 week holiday in Thailand without much effort. For travelers coming by land or water (bus, train, boat) only 15 days right of residence apply. Requirement for entry is a valid passport at least 6 months.

The limit of entries within a year, canceled. This means that it is now possible again as many times as you want to Thailand to enter and leave. The regulation provides, however, that after 3 entries over the land or water must be an entry on the air.
With the constant off and on entering it is possible to reside indefinitely in Thailand, but there are better ways. So if you can before having to dwell in Thailand with Visa requirements for Thailand check which visa is suitable.
To work in Thailand or not enough to buy a vehicle from the entry stamp. For this you need the correct visa. Also for the account opening at a Thai bank in most cases requires a visa.
The variants most commonly used are either a tourist visa or non immigrant visa "O" or "B".