Food in Pattaya

In Pattaya you can find everything your heart desires. Restaurants, food, stalls, street vendors, Markets, shops, supermarkets.

Those suffering from hunger in Pattaya is either very very arm or completely out of place. There is nothing here that does not exist. I would claim that the price / performance ratio in Pattaya while eating one of the best in the world. Thai Food in restaurants you already get for 40-50 baht. Europaeisches food from 100 baht.

In the holiday Pattaya is the purest land of plenty. Towards there are numerous food stalls and stalls prepare the indigenous around the clock treats fresh and fast. For the prices you pay there is very pleath guenstiger to cook.

But worth it yet myself to cook. Do you have a well-furnished apartment or house and go in the grocery store / market shopping you can cope a week for two people with 1000 baht. But since I do here and there which treat myself and not pay attention to every satang I would like to rake at 2000 baht in the week. 2,000 baht is already set very high but if you cook yourself. A Thai you can with a rice cooker and a frying pan almost all Thai dishes spells. Of European food you'll höchstwarscheinlich itself to the stove must. But some restaurants biesten highly recommended day deals that you can incorporate into your daily life. Hans has all the chips Monatg a giant schnitzel with a side dish for 119 baht. Anton has a great Daily All You can eat buffet for 255 baht. There is also Goulash potatoes, pudding, spaetzle and the same. The home has Wednesdays Half Haenchen from Braeuler with fries for 165 Baht. The list can be continued indefinitely. For Autehentisches Thai Food The fish are in a huge buffet where you can grill your fresh meat on the square itself to you. It costs 165 baht per person and you can eat as much as you like.

So you can find a small overview here:

The restaurant:

Thai Food 50 - 130 Baht

Schnitzel with fries and salad 200-250 baht

Curry sausage with fries 100-150 baht

Breakfast with eggs, bread, coffee and covering 150 Baht

In food stalls and stalls:

Egg / omelet with rice 30 baht

Eiereis with fried chicken / pork 30-40 baht

BBQ Meat Spiese 10-20 baht

Fried Noodles 30 baht

Fruit serving 10-20 baht

In the supermarket:

6 pcs eggs about 50 baht

Rice 5Kg 130-200 baht

Chicken 300g 60 baht

Spring onions 10 Baht

Toast bread 60 baht

Pasta 500g 59 Baht

10 St 48 baht noodle soups