How much money do I need to live in Pattaya?

This question I can not answer packages. It play a whole range of factors involved. How do you want to live in Pattaya? Do you live alone or with a partner? How do you einigst you with your partner? Do you go out much or you lead a rather Peaceful life? Do you cook yourself or do you eat every day in the restaurant? I dare to say that you can live with 500 euros a month in Pattaya. With 700-800 euros (at a Bahtkurs 40-45) you can live quite well in Pattaya if you have a girlfriend. However, you must then pay attention to your money already. 1000-1500 EUR you open a fairly carefree life with his partner in Pattaya. Who do you go out a lot and of course several times a week party are doing the money needed no limits upwards. I can fritter away 5000 euros a month here with no problem. This is of course an extreme contrast to my statement that you can live with 500 euros a month. But that's the fascinating thing about Pattaya. Here you have every possibility. To handle the information published on this website themes you can calculate what you did to yourself for your personal use. That every person has a different need and I want to imagine a different life up here no general rule. I personally know some here with the 700 - 800 € live well. Other known by me are of the opinion that they could not do with 1500 euros here. But who has 1500 euros in Germany available? This is probably the minority. And in Germany the rent already cost you least 400-500 euros. In Thailand, I can do from 150-200 euro fine living. So if you can live in Thailand or Pattaya asks me how much money I say quite clearly with 500 - 700 euros. With how much money you want to live in Thailand, everyone must find out for himself or calculated.