Money in Pattaya

Money is a very important issue. How can I get my money? What will my money go in Pattaya? Which currency will prevail in Pattaya or Thailand?

So in Thailand and therefore also in Pattaya is paid exclusively with Thai baht. Pattaya, it is not difficult to get at it. In every little street seems to find one or several exchange offices. The course for our Euro always fluctuates slightly. The last few years he is always between 40 and 45 baht for one euro. The current exchange rate you can get here ( Click me )

In larger hotels and restaurants accept credit cards. The automated teller machine (called ATM) take, most likely, all checking, Maestro and Visa cards. Banks are scattered everywhere I Pattaya. Almost every currency exchange has an ATM. Since 2009, the Thai banks charge a fee for the stand out of money. This is depending on the bank machine or between 80 and 150 baht. Add to that the fees your bank in Germany or Europe. These lie between 7.50 euros and 20.00 euros on some credit cards. All I can recommend the free checking account with DKB You Can Worldwide Toll Free cashback ( aviable for German, Austria and Swiss ) . I use this for years. Some immigrants also open a Thai account. This allows at least a favorable stand out here in Thailand. But eligible for funds from the Germany / Europe incur charges again. You also have to wait longer for his money.