Non Immigrant Visa Thailand

What is the non immigrant visa for Thailand? How do I get the non immigrant visa? How long can I stay with the non immigrant visa in Thailand? Which non immigrant visa is right for me?

As described under visa for Thailand, there is the non immigrant visa in different versions.

Non Immigrant Visa B
With this visa, it is possible to get a work permit (Workpermint) or to operate a business. The visa has a maximum validity of one year with multiple entries.

Non Immigrant ED visa
This visa can be extended to 1 year without leave the old for selected conditions of stay. The visa must be renewed but still every 3 months in Thailand. ED stands for Education, and is a visa for students. But this is also to get visa if language or culture courses in Thailand are occupied. For example, the Thai language. This visa is usually applied over the schools.

Non Immigrant Visa M and F
This type of visa is for journalists, media, film producers or official visitors. Thus rather unimportant for most of us.

Non Immigrant O visa
Since this visa through his pads mainly for retirees and people who are married to a Thai citizen is suitable, it is often referred to as a retiree visa. For the non immigrant O visa you must either be married or over 50 years and a monthly pension of about 1200 show a Thai.
The non immigrant O visa is divided into:
S = O-1 visa with 90 days stay
O M = Validity 1 year multiple entries. For each entry you get 90 days stay. It must be made a departure every 90 days (Visarun). Under certain circumstances, be extended for one year the visa in Thailand for a year.
O A = 1 year stay on land in Thailand. Without departures! To date, this visa is but just to get directly from the Thai Embassy.

The B and O visas are eligible for most of us considered valid for one year and entitles to multiple (multible) entries. Each entry gives 90 days stay in Thailand. After these 90 days, a Visarun must be made. Who has the right timing and his final departure plans shortly before the expiry of the visa thus can stay in Thailand nearly 450 days. Thereafter, however, a new visa must be applied.
This is, however, only from the home country. In neighboring countries, we only get the non immigrant visa for 3 months exhibited.
A further alternative is available in the efforts are at an early stage to the extension of one year visa.