Thailand and Pattaya costs and prices list

How much does food in Pattaya Thailand  cost? How much does rent in Pattaya Thailand? What is the cost of everyday life in Pattaya Thailand? How much is rent in Pattaya Thailand?

Here is a price list of everyday things that one needs for nutrition, livelihood and housing costs. Since each person has different needs and desires, can be calculated based on this price list at any himself what he needed to live in Thailand. The prices are from Pattaya. Thus, they represent a good average. On islands such as Koh Samui or Phuket, the prices may be slightly higher and also much cheaper at home. Food and hygiene items were found in a supermarket. In the market, they have to have more favorable.
Setup examples in a large center. In shops nearby this article are also Affordable.
Prices are each elected as the average of the cheaper products. Top are like everywhere in the world no limits. In Thailand, you can spend a fortune.
But I think this is to find a very good cross section here where everyone can calculate and see what he has cost in everyday life.

General accounting:

Rent (Including electricity, water, internet, ect) 5000-10.000 THB
Gym approx 1000 THB
Eating 6000 THB
Motorbike rental 3000 - (500 petrol)
Hygiene 1000 THB
Phone 300 THB
Together at least 13,500 THB / EUR 340
Together maximum 22,000 THB / EUR 550


Massage 1x / week a 100 THB 400 THB =
Cinema 2x / Month 1000 THB (for two people including popcorn and drinks)
Going out once a week a 1000 THB


Chicken 1 kg 120 THB
Pork 1 kg 120 THB
Rice 5 kg 150 - 250 THB
Soy sauce 50 THB
Chili sauce 50 THB
Eggs 12 pieces about 60 THB
Water 1.5 l 12 THB
Coke, Fante, ect 1,25 l 25 THB
Coke, Fanta, etc. Dose 13 THB
Pasta 500g 30-60 THB
Ketchup 50 THB
Nescafe Cafe Maintenance 146 THB
Milk 1 L 45 THB
Spices 30 - 80 THB
Oil 50 THB
Olive Oil 240 THB
Curry Paste 50 THB
Cornflakes 75 THB


Toothpaste 70 THB
Toothbrush 30 -60 THB
Listerine large 139 THB
Facial Cream 50 - 100 THB
Body lotion (Nivea) 145 THB
Shower gel 55 THB
Shaving cream (Nivea) 185 THB
Razor blades (Mach3) 320 THB
12 rolls of toilet paper 65 THB
Handkerchiefs 33 THB
Q Tips 25 THB
Deo 70 - 150 THB


Flat screen TV from 5000 -15,000 THB
DVD Player 1000 THB
Refrigerator 5000 - 6000 THB
Kettle 1000 THB
Microwave 2000 THB
Air Conditioning 15,000 - 20,000 THB
1000 THB fan
Toaster 800 THB
Electric Stove 1000 - 2000 THB
Heater (shower) 2000 - 5000 THB
Rice cooker 500-1000 THB
Radio with CD 1000 THB
Plate 37 THB
Bowl 27-39 THB
Glass 30 - 40 THB
55 THB cup