Pros and Cons in Thailand

Thailand is really all so nice and easy? What I have for disadvantages in Thailand? What dangers await me in Thailand?

Why did I start this page with Contra questions? Well in my experience it is that most people fall in love after the first Thailand holiday in this beautiful country. I myself have started after my first vacation in Thailand, which had been done in about 16 days once the World Wide Web scan for ways how I could live forever in Thailand.
Until it happened, it took a few years and I had many holidays in Thailand. After every holiday something magic disappeared. Yes I even fell on the events I did not like so much. Pink is the red glasses once sold, much appears in a different light.
Cultural, legal and everyday experiences provide some of the spoil my day.
Not that I'm going wrong here understood. No way I want to do bad Thailand or deter the reader. On the contrary! I love this country like no other, and living in Thailand can be so wonderful. My goal with this article is that maybe only one or a few times those in Thailand were to point out that not everything that glitters is gold.
That is to say that even the not so beneficial and negative characteristics will be examined. If one is aware of this and know how it is walkable, then also occur less problems.

Cultural differences and everyday grievances related to any sums otherwise. These are subjective and everyone here needs to find out for himself what he finds good or bad. Here I want to briefly note that my book Culture Shock Thailand has opened my eyes in many ways and I had many eye-openers. Here is more information about the book.
The facts are but affect everyone of us things such as residence, rights generally, labor, medical care.
As for the stay and enjoy the Thais when we go on holiday in their country. But when it comes that we live there, they do it to us pretty hard. This is very good on one side, otherwise our beloved Thailand would already be over populated by foreigners and it would be westernized by the many influences. Thus, it would lose its charm. On the other hand, it makes our lives more complicated there. As a pensioner with enough pension it is still relatively easy to obtain a residence permit. Everything else is much harder then ever. Thailand worsened from year to year, the visa requirements and therefore excludes de loopholes. Therefore, I strongly advise to the part with the various visa types on this website to study well and thoroughly.
Rights in general we have no farangs. We have basically nothing, because 51% must always include a Thai. This is the case with houses and companies. Depending on what you want in life, however, much can be circumvented. Or simply adapts to the events of the country. On this website all is to find what is needed.
Topics such as labor in Thailand and medical care must be considered. Again, things are different as we know it.
The written down here should be to think about issues only a little push. There is no problem for which there is not a solution. And this is especially true for Thailand. Many have shown the way and lead a beautiful life in Thailand.