Thai Girlfriend

As a stand-alone Lord you're in Pattya not alone for long. On vacation you sure you enjoy with many bar girls, gogo dancers and freelancers. After some time in Pattaya can be boring in the long run (at least one should think). Remain normal as most sooner or later hang in long-term girlfriend. The usual prices you pay as a tourist you should but then quickly forgotten. As a long-term tourists and expatriates in Pattaya different rules apply. Sure there are many women who are in Pattaya to rake to coal. And top freelancer or Gogo dancers are more interested to make money. But there are many Thai women are happy when they have found a nice man who cares about them and cares for them.

Find you do in the normal bar, Gogos, on the beach, in the disco or in the Everyday Life. In the beginning, you will normally pay your 1000 baht a day. Whether the true sympathy you'll quickly notice. Have you found the right woman so you should discuss with their lot.

5,000-10,000 baht a month is usually sufficient. This they did for free. As a rule, they will send it to her family. Make her understand that you like to send this to her family 5000 baht but you will not meet any other monetary claims of the family. Yet you can watch that sooner or later other monetary claims will be sure to occur. The classics are diseases in the family, accidents, hospitalizations, broken cars, sick water buffalo (no joke) or overdue loans. In general, these are all just excuses and they do not agree with 99.9%. The clever money is often drank, gambled away or otherwise squandered. The small percentage where these stories agree to filter out is nearly impossible and always a bottomless pit. So stick to the rule 5,000-10,000 baht a month and no more. 5,000 should be sufficient in most cases. If she has children are Ok 10000. In addition, it is then yes supplied where she lives with you and not have to pay rent. For lunch, she also gets by you. Thus, the 3 most important needs of a Thai are covered. Family care, shelter and food. Over a pocket money they will still look forward to. So they must not ask you for every little thing. Depends on what you give pocket money of course from your financial convey, but 500-1000 baht a week is a good guideline. But some also come from this without spending money.

As already mentioned, not every woman will engage in it, but if the true sympathy of the majority of certainly. I myself traversed a long way and I also know others in which it is the same.

The advantages for her are:

1 She has a roof over his head.

2 It is supplied with food.

3 Your family gets a monthly amount regardless festivals of high and low season.

4 You do not You go out every night with a drunk with.

It can always happen with the demands of the family more time to come and the pressure on them, you more money is raised to wear out of the bag. It really feels something for you, and is informed about what they will allow your financial means the state hold. It may also be that she succumbs to family pressure. Then you have to stop on short or long separated even though it may hurt. But it usually takes weeks and no one has found something suitable. I know that sounds pretty hard. But even if you and your family every wish fulfill it will ruin you sooner or later and no later then they will be gone. So pull the final stroke before it happens.