Thailand tourist visa

How long can I stay on a tourist visa in Thailand? How can I extend my tourist visa in Thailand? What do I do if my tourist visa has expired?

For 75 euros you get the tourist visa (tourist visa) in the Thai consulate or embassy in Berlin. The tourist visa is valid for 180 days and is entitled to 3 entries. Each entry must be 60 consecutive days stay in Thailand. In addition, the stay may be extended once for 30 days at the local immigration in Thailand. This extension will cost around 2000 baht.
Within the 180 days the tourist visa is valid for one entry and may therefore 3 times every 60 days remaining in the country, plus 30 days extension in Thailand. So to take advantage of the tourist visa so as much as possible to reach the tourist visa and remain 60 days in Thailand. Are the first 60 days expired one goes to the immigration and visa extended by 30 days. After these 30 days, the first Visarun will be charged. Thus, for a further 60 days. After this 60 days the last Visarun done (limit cycle) with the current tourist visa.
That was the third entry, but at least it has held up as 210 days in Thailand.
It is only important that the education and entries are well planned and no deadlines are missed. An overstay costs 500 Baht per day. This one gets a stamp in their passport This can have a negative impact on subsequent visa allocations.

But what to do after the expiry of the 210 days?
One possibility would be to get a new tourist visa in Germany. And the whole procedure to restart again. However, you would have to fly back to Germany. Another option is to leave in a neighboring country such as Malaysia and the Philippines to travel there and issue a new tourist visa. However, one gets only a tourist visa with entry and 60 days validity. But this visa can be extended at the Immigration again for about 2000 baht for 30 days once.
With the tourist visa so departures are still due and you have to decide how and where there is concern for a new visa after.