Thailand without a visa

Do I need a visa for Thailand? Can I live in Thailand without a visa? How long can I stay in Thailand without a visa?

In principle it is also possible without a visa in Thailand to "live". However, anyone who chooses this path must make friends with many entries and exits. The current visa regulations state that can be made any number of entries. Each entry by air, there are 30 days stay in Thailand. If you decide to stay the land gets 15 days. After three entries over the land an entry must be made by plane.
So most convenient would be to make a short trip by plane in one of the neighboring countries of Thailand every 30 days. Since there are countless "cheap airlines" to keep the costs in check. The other option is to limit every 15 days to Go and go to make a visa run. As already mentioned, an entry must be made by aircraft after the third visa run then.

The Visa Run by road should cost around 2000 baht. There are numerous agencies that offer this and start almost every day with buses and chauffeur for the farangs border.
There it goes again then back across the border again. Basically a very simple version to reside for a long time in Thailand. Who is bothered by the many departures should see if he finds a different version under visa for Thailand. For many who are not married to a Thai or pensioners is also the non immigrant ED visa is an interesting alternative.
Caution! The entry requirements for Thailand change often. For a time the entries were limited to 4 ml of entries per year. There used to be 30 days each stay while entering by land. The rules should be changed once again may need to be on a different strategy Conversely stairs.