Working in Pattaya

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Generally, there are only a handful in Thailand professions are allowed to run by foreigners. All craft trades ever fall off. Normally, it is so that you indeed found a foreigner can own a company but do little do that. Can open a restaurant, bar or any Guest House, who brings the wherewithal. Thais and you can adjust as workers. But whether this is always the right way is questionable. Also for this Geschäfstzweige you always have to have a Thai who is somehow registered with in your Geschäfft. For example, for the alcohol pub license. Also you have here a very sure on the contracts you sign. You may have nothing. Lease goes again. But a lot of foreigners here have been placed on the nose and Found, after they have built up a bar or restaurant, they have no right and everything belongs to her friend. There are also ways that you secure the main law. You just have to watch very closely what aushandelst contracts for you. But it is always open to very little risk kingdom here in Pattaya. If you do not already have it in Europe brought about something that is certainly nothing here.
You should always carefully consider you to have a Thai as Geschäfftspartner. Especially when it comes to your girlfriend caution. This can quickly go to pieces than you think.

The possibility of employment is very low here. Managers of bars, restaurants, or as an instructor in various fields are possibilities. As teacher for Language, instructor or musician you can be lucky. All in all, however, you need to have the right contacts it. Also, there are always gaps between solutions in Thailand and like you as a foreigner can do anything. But do not want to go into too much detail here. Like to there you will find many foreigners in Pattaya surely help you with the experience. These paths are usually somehow semi legal. Faith but not everything everyone tells you. In Pattaya, many spinners are untwerwegs.