Year visa for Thailand

Is there a year visa for Thailand? What do I need for a year Thailand visa? Who will get a year visa for Thailand?

This year Thailand visa can be applied before traveling to the Thai Embassy. In the consulates you do not get this visa. Sorry, you must be at least 50 years old for the annual visa. Thus, this variant is only for the elderly and pensioners.
The year visa is non immigrant visa O-A. In theory, you can stay with this visa nearly two years in Thailand, where you emigrating again shortly before expiry of the visa and entry once again gets 365 days stamped in the passport.
For departures, however, you need a Re Entry Permit. Without the Re Entry Permit, the annual visa becomes invalid. The Re Entry Permit is available for about 1000 baht to leave the country and for about 3800 baht with multiple exits.

A person who resides with the annual visa in Thailand must not be forgotten every 90 days to report to the immigration.
Condition and documents for the annual visa:

- 3 fully completed visa applications
(Valid at least 18 months) Original passport
Copy of passport
-3 Passport photos
Copy of the certificate showing monthly pension. Amount of around 60,000 baht
-if this amount is not met, further proof of assets of at least 16.000, - EUR
Health certificate from the family doctor
Copy of the criminal record
CV (in English)
-The applicant must be at least 50 years old
€ -130 visa fee